Kick Start Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

January 1st, 2019 in Fitness by

January is one of the busiest times of year for people joining the gym. Christmas and New Year are done and dusted, the excessive drinking, eating and partying is coming to an end and it’s time for reflection and decision making around what you are going to do to get yourself into, or back into the healthy habits!

Despite what you might think, you don’t need superpowers or will and determination of a super hero or Olympian to commit to being healthier this year. Whether your goal is to knock out 10 push-ups, run a half marathon or simply take the stairs at work more often then you can get there! Check out the following tips to Kick Start your 2019!

 1. Write It down... Measure It...

New Year Fitness goals need to be both specific and measurable. This will be the Plus to your Fitness start to 2019. In fact, a recent study found that setting broad, vague, goals can actually make people depressed. Write down your fitness goals to help you keep them front of mind and set some smaller time based goals along the way to keep the motivation up.

 “I really want to lose some weight" is a common New Year’s resolution, but how exactly do you go from point A to point B? Try setting a more specific goal. For instance: "I want to lose 5kg over the next 8 weeks by dropping the alcohol and soft drinks and hitting the gym three times a week”. Then set a new goal once this has been achieved.

 2. Make Your New Year Resolutions Achievable

A resolution shouldn’t be a pie in the sky fantasy. If you’ve never seriously lifted weights before then aiming to hit the weight bench seven days a week from zero is setting yourself up for failure. For most people, upending habits that have formed over a long period of time won’t happen overnight. The reason is partly physiological; the brain just likes comfortable old habits over new and different ones. 

The key to sustainable resolutions is achievable resolutions! Try two exercise or X-Cell classes a week as oppose to trying to make 5 in the first week. Try and stay on the treadmill for 15 minutes the first few weeks, not 30 mins.

3. Break Up Your Goals

Resolving to do 1000 push ups in the first month is good BUT 32 a day is more achievable. Obviously set these goals around where you are comfortable and always remember that anything you do today, no matter how big or small is more than you were doing last week so it has to be having a benefit.

A goal that’s either too far off in the future or too far out of your comfort zone can be tough to start so break the resolution down into achievable steps. Better yet, give yourself several small goals throughout the year then one huge end goal.

 4. Rewards are OK!

When you hit those hard-earned benchmarks, 30 pushes, the perfect pull up, holding a handstand, the first time you run non stop for 30 mins then treat yourself!

Choose a reward that won’t undo your hard work like a beach day, a pedi or massage, some new fitness gear or a movie date with some healthy popcorn thrown in!

 5. Ask for Help

Not knowing how to do a certain exercise is no excuse to write it off completely. If you’re curious about new techniques or want to find some new exercises book a session with a personal trainer. At gyms like Plus Fitness you will often see a special deal on 3 sessions so you can try before you commit or even a free session to see if you feel you can work with the personal trainer you have selected.  Personal Trainers are there to help so don’t be self-conscious about asking for advice.

 Another idea: If you already have a class you love, don't be afraid to stick around for a few minutes and ask the instructor about some of the moves you did.

 6. Time Management

Time management is very important for achieving any goal, and fitness is no exception. Early morning exercise is a great way to fit a workout into a busy day, and it may encourage healthier eating and more movement throughout the day. If you struggle for time then join a 24 hour gym like Australian and New Zealand based gym chain Plus Fitness. This will allow you to work out on your schedule if that is early before work, late at night or even early in the morning on a weekend. 

Pick a time of day when you have energy, schedule your workouts, get it done, and repeat!

 7. Keep It Interesting

If your resolution is to exercise consistently a few times a week then it’s time to think beyond the treadmill and the weight rack. Look at what else your gym has to offer. X-Cell classes, group Personal Training, one on one Personal Training, Functional Training.... there are a lot of options out there. Also get outside to compliment your gym sessions. A walk on the beach, bushwalk or even try something different like rock climbing or kayaking.

 8. Best of all.... buy yourself some new gym gear!!

The new year sales are on and it’s time to shop! If you’re serious about fitness being your new years resolution then consider investing in a pair of awesome running or gym shoes, a few tech-fabric shirts or singlets/vests, some new gym tights or shorts, some skins, some lifting gloves, a new swimsuit, a cool yoga mat… whatever will get you excited about exercise. Something as simple as new gym clothes can improve confidence and help you get to the gym.

To get help with your fitness goals this new year then you can head to to find you closest Plus Fitness and take advantage of their complimentary fitness assessments and tailored fitness programs which are a great way to plan out how you are going to Kick Start your New Year!

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