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Plus Fitness is an award-winning Australian Top franchise chain that has been operating since 1996. Present on 2 continents of the world, covering 3 countries & spread out with over 300 clubs present in 12 plus cities, with over 1000's of employees & lakhs of loyal members. Plus Fitness continues to open a new gym somewhere in the world every 21 days, displaying the strength of both our brand & business model. 40% of the Plus Fitness franchisees globally are multiple club owners. Plus Fitness is “Working Towards A Healthier India” by providing good quality service, world-class equipment, and facilities, 24/7 at a reasonable price with a focus on the profitability of our Franchisees. The faith that our brand carries is through years of care & service to our members. This is why a new member joins a Plus Fitness club somewhere in the world every 15 minutes.

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24 Hour Gym
With Over 1 Million Members Having Joined Us.
Over 300 Clubs Globally
International Brand
Low Setup Cost
New Club Opening Every 21 Days
Multi Award Winning Brand
Good Return On Investment
Low Franchise Fee
Fast Breakeven
Proven Successful Business Model
Ongoing Franchise Support

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Full Turn Key Setup
Full Software, Mobile App & Hi- Tech IT Security System
World Class Equipment Setup
Great Welcoming Community Culture

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Territory Booking & Property Selection
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Franchisee Testimonies

Hear what our franchisees have to say
Naushad Panjwani

Naushad Panjwani

When and why did you decide to buy a franchise?

Being a full-time, Doctor I always Knew the importance of exercise & fitness in human life.

Now when I have made Plus Fitness as my business, I feel proud that along with Plus Fitness I am also “Working Towards A Healthier India” where we provide good quality service 24/7 at a reasonable price to a common man under one roof, without sacrificing the profitability of our Business.

It's been over a year now & the club is doing really well & I can defiantly see a much improvement in the club’s performance which displays the strength of both our brand & business model.

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Sezmin Satani

Sezmin Satani

What was the catalyst for setting up in a franchise?

I was the first women in my family who has been involved into a business activity independently and I am very proud of it, coming from a traditional Indian background it was bit challenging, but I have proven myself & I want to be a role model for every women.

I would encourage every single woman to follow your passion.

The support which I got from Plus Fitness head office was incredible & very corporative, helping their franchisee overcome every small hurdle which come across.

I am glad to be a part of Plus Fitness which now help me to make enough, will definitely recommend this Franchisee to all & soon I will also be reinvesting my profits into it by adding another club into my list.

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Alfan Lakdawala

Alfan Lakdawala

When and why did you decide to buy a franchise?

Coming from a traditional business background, I have had the fortune of dabbling in multiple businesses.

But Plus Fitness experience is simply amazing...

The way Plus Fitness operates professionally is completely different and extremely efficient when compared to the kind of enterprises I was involved with, earlier. I am highly impressed with the ongoing Franchise support provided by the owners to their franchise.

It’s a kind of one-time investment business model as it works at a low monthly operating cost and at the same time provides a high return on investment. It's indeed an opportunity to seize for every forward-looking entrepreneur!

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Equipment & Fitout

Equipment & Fitout
State Of Art

We got an exclusive tie up with Equipment brands & Architect which reserves a special price for our Plus Fitness franchise, we buy in bulk directly from manufacturer & pass on the margins to our franchisee.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Plus Fitness is a member of the International Franchise Association. Plus Fitness has been acknowledged with many awards & recognition, know for his success & brand reputation.

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More About Plus Fitness


Plus Fitness is the leading Australian fitness studio franchise. We have won many awards because of our exceptional contribution to the fitness industry. Operating since 1996, we aim at making India a healthier country to live in. Our experience with our franchisees has been very smooth and friendly. Also, we experience around 1000 new admission of members each month, all across the globe.


The fitness industry is experiencing an increasing influence on the franchise trend over the past few years. The public health initiatives that always emphasises remaining fit, fighting health issues like obesity, diabetes, etc. have helped the franchise industry to proliferate across the world. People are getting more and more health-conscious. Gym going demographic has encouraged the proliferation of fitness franchises.

Following are some reasons that throw light on the reasons that promote fitness franchise trends across the globe:

The fitness franchise is developing at a huge rate, and the main reason behind this is the loosening of the real estate restrictions at retail shopping centre meant for fitness studios. Shopping centre owners prefer health clubs as tenants. These appear as a viable option for the owners of shopping centres. They understand that the current trend is all about adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Another reason that has led to the growth of the fitness franchise sector all over the world is the availability of scientific data. Due to intensive case studies and research, fitness studios now can offer an instant result and the convenience factor. Gym members prefer such services. People flock in huge numbers to fitness studios In the hope of experiencing instant gratification of their needs. They prefer such an easy and convenient route to attaining perfect body shape and health. Hence, fitness franchises are reaping benefits from such situations.

Hi-tech facilities: The gym-going population is showing a huge inclination towards the latest technology. They prefer equipment that are latest and updated. Just like in other spheres of life, gym members want to be dependent on the latest technology in gyms and fitness centres too. Fitness franchises are capable of introducing hi-tech gym equipment. They even enable gyms and fitness centres to provide virtual fitness sessions. Besides, they also supply the latest gym wears. All these have made fitness franchises popular in a gym centric world.

All such reasons and services have made Plus Fitness gyms very popular in Indian society. As passionate workout freaks are coming up with the idea of opening up a gym to gain some monetary benefits out of their obsession and passion, they are in search of a franchise of fitness clubs. They are in constant search of a franchise in the fitness industry that can give a boost to their career. They know that a well-known and established franchisee of fitness studios will add to their benefits and advantages, and make their gym business far more potent. We, at Plus Fitness, are here to help.


We want to throw some light on the fitness industry of India. As a leading fitness franchise, we feel that it is high time that Indian society gets revamped with all kinds of fitness regimes to boost this industry and take it to the top. And we promise to contribute our best towards serving this purpose.

Unfortunately, in India, the fitness industry is quite messy and unorganised. Although there is considerable scope for improvement in this industry, the government and private sector do not seem to be in the same line. The fitness industry has been experiencing a revolutionary spike because of the increasing cases of diabetes and obesity. The Plus Fitness team understands the gravity of the situation. Earlier, joining the gym was a thing of luxury. But now, the gym has become an indispensable part of life. We are helping people adopt this outlook so that they may lead a happy and healthy life.

Many global corporations offer the facilities of in-house gym centres. The hospitality industry is also not much behind. Hotels that provide gym facilities are quite large in number. Even residential societies offer gym facilities to their residents. Now, this is something that we highly appreciate. Plus Fitness offers every kind of support, facilities, and services to such hotels, global corporations, and residential societies.

Because of this current fitness trend, gym franchise opportunities in India are increasing day by day. Different gym franchises in India are trying to gain from this considerable craze for joining gyms. The best gym franchises in 2020, like Plus Fitness, are trying to reach out to potential clients by expanding and improving their services, products, and features. Since the fitness industry in India is quite messy, therefore, fitness club franchisees are able to gain more from the Indian fitness market. We, at Plus Fitness, the best fitness club franchise, ensure that our franchisees, as well as members of our gyms, get all the required benefits and support.


Following are points as to why gyms in India can gain an advantage by joining our franchise:


If you own a gym and want gym franchise, without any doubt, you can join Plus Fitness. We provide small investment opportunities in the beginning. Hence, our gym franchise rate is quite affordable. Our brand name assures you of a substantial return upon your investment. Our support team will be there to provide you with all the details and knowledge. We have a proper team to get you trained in specific areas of the gym franchise process.


Joining an established CrossFit gym franchise or reputed gymnasium franchise, like ours, gives your gym all the facilities like business plans, policies, fit-outs, signage, equipment, marketing, and so on. Our brand name is enough to provide you with an established client base.


Plus Fitness is the top gym international franchise that provides a simple business model. We provide 24xz7 gym facilities to gym members.


If you are considering a CrossFit startup, and want to buy a CrossFit franchise India, then Plus Fitness is the best option for you. We are one of the most reputed fitness centre franchises that provide a variety of income sources. You can earn by means of personal classes, training, selling gym products, clothing, supplements, health products, etc.


If you want to be a franchisee of fitness studios, then we are proud to announce the Plus Fitness franchise for sale. We are one of the leading franchise India gym that has an extensive network in two continents and many countries. Your small business will reap the advantage of our extensive network.

Plus Fitness is the top most franchise India fitness centre chain that can guarantee you assured success for your gym business. If you are thinking of starting a new franchise gym and looking for the contact of the gym franchise, feel free to check our official website. We are proud to boast with confidence that ours is the best franchise of fitness centre. We offer franchise for gymnasium, CrossFit, and many other areas that can boost your gym business.

Whether you are a gym member or a franchisee, Plus Fitness is there to help you out at all the steps. We guarantee you assured success and profit to our franchisees. Also, we ensure that our members achieve that perfect body shape. We maintain a perfect balance so that both our franchisees and our members can be happy and satisfied. Plus Fitness promises to stand by you.