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Future of Fitness Franchise Industry In India

The fitness industry has evolved a lot in these years and the craze or passion for fitness in India has been steadily increasing. Hence new opportunities are being introduced day by day. The journey of fitness sector in India has traveled a long journey from local ‘Akhadas’ known for wrestling to modern gyms being set today.

In the era of Influencers youngsters and other people have become health conscious. Muscular bodies and active lifestyles of celebrities, and social media influencers are making Indians aware of their fitness lifestyle. Though it's a trend it is making people take out time of their hectic schedules and visit the gym and take training services.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are happier and healthier compared to the ones who don't. Regular exercise and workouts help in reducing stress, and anxiety and keep away from many harmful diseases.

On the other hand, the cases of obesity and diabetes are increasing daily. You might have seen a lot of weight loss advertisements in your surroundings and hence it is the reason for the increase in health clubs and fitness centers in India. The coronavirus pandemic has given a rise to a new normal called home gyms, people who have a huge space develop their own gyms at home while few just workout using different health and fitness apps.

In 2020 there was cutthroat competition as millions of people registered on various health apps, and fitness app downloads gradually increased globally. These points show positive signs that the fitness industry will have phenomenal growth in the future. As more and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle, the demand for fitness centers and gyms is also increasing.

With the increasing usage of the internet, People find new information daily and it is increasing awareness among themselves to take health and fitness seriously. In India, there are numerous services and products launched every day and people tend to be prone to getting what they like.

Apart from daily workouts, some people opt for other fun and engaging activities such as Zumba, kickboxing, and aerobics. This has given rise to the fitness industry expanding more and leading to the growth of fitness franchise and businesses.

A few years back the “Make in India” campaign was launched by the Indian government. This campaign spread a message to make health and fitness a priority. Since fitness is a part of Indian culture, it has arrived from the Indian roots in the form of Ayurveda, meditation, and Yoga. The new generation and their modern lifestyle have transformed this into new modern technologies in terms of health and wellness.

The most common thing we can observe these days is that many global organizations, corporations, and IT companies have installed a small gym set up in their workspace. Even we can see that not only large hotels but even small ones are trying to provide gym service to their customers.

There are people who travel for work and stay at hotels and hence they don't like to miss their daily workout sessions, such facilities prove a boon for them. Residential societies and complexes nowadays have a gym compulsorily as an additional amenity for the customers.

Different International fitness chains are developing an interest to expand their business and enter the Indian market. India has a mixed variant of population high class and middle class. India is considered the largest market for franchise businesses across the globe due to its increasing population, youth entrepreneurs, and demand.

Hence a huge market is available for these business people. People in India are more attracted to huge and popular brands especially if a brand is promoted by any celebrity or famous personality. So it has become for the brands to promote their fitness centers and attract customers.

All these factors show us that Modern fitness concepts have entered India. The future of the fitness industry is looking forward to brighter skies. Earlier only the male population was interested in fitness, gym, and workout but now the scenario is completely different even the female population, youngsters have started showing interest. We can conclude that the Future of the fitness business is rich and will prosper in India.

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