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Nowadays, you need not be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer to mint money. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can easily carve your dream career out of your passion. The Indian fitness industry is at its peak right now, and it is the right time to enter the industry to attain the greatest heights in your career.

Plus Fitness is an award-winning fitness franchise company in India. The fitness brand is insanely popular among fitness lovers. Join us and be a part of our immensely popular brand name. With Plus Fitness career options, you can easily turn your hobby into a serious profession.


Plus Fitness is continuously expanding its studios across the nation. So, we require experienced, passionate, and hardworking fitness enthusiasts. Know that at Plus Fitness, you will be helping members towards a better, healthier, and fitter lifestyle. You will be a source of inspiration for many. Plus Fitness never stops inspiring, and the same holds for you. Be a part of team Plus Fitness, and you will be no lesser than idols for many.

So, if you want to make it big in life, gain fame, maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, and be the inspiration for many, then Plus Fitness should be your ideal destination.

We require passionate, determined, amicable, and outgoing leaders for our team. Do not hesitate if you think you fit in.


  • Club Manager: A club manager at Plus Fitness is responsible for maintaining and managing different types of club operations. They are responsible for promoting the club. Also, they need to maintain a positive ambiance in the studio.
  • Personal Physical Trainer: A personal fitness trainer guides and assists the members to accomplish their fitness goals and targets. They will help the members to gain back their long-lost confidence. Their job is to keep them motivated and optimistic. They should also be able to offer nutritional coaching to the members.
  • Assistant Club Manager: They will be assisting the club manager in all the club operations. They will perform key roles in managing the club services, membership sales, community engagement, etc.
  • Customer Service Specialist: They will be handling everyday inquiries as well as front desk responsibilities. They will tackle new prospects, old members, and all other queries and front desk tasks.
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