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May 26th, 2021 in Business by Master Franchisee

Gym Franchise Could Be The Best Business Opportunity : Amid Covid -19

Gym Franchise Could Be The Best Business Opportunity : Amid Covid -19

It’s almost the time when India will start to reopen soon & we all will say goodbye to the lockdown. With the full country trying to come back & adopt the “New Normal”, multiple business opportunities will come to your path & choosing the correct business opportunity could be challenging. Before you finalize & come to a decision, here are few questions you need to consider when considering a Gym Franchise as a business opportunity amid Covid-19. 


Current pandemic has forced everyone to give high attention to their health & wellbeing & accept the fact that “Health is Wealth” & everyone understands the importance of strong immunity & adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

Gyms plays a critical role in ensuring the health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, of our local community and this cannot be ignored. This will take the demand for gyms to an all high level. This newfound awareness will motivate more people to look for gyms for their daily workout which is an advantage not easily found for other industries.  Health and wellness have never been more essential to India as they are at this very moment. After examining what the Covid-19 pandemic is revealing about the current situation in India & across the world, we all have understood that Covid – 19 being a health crisis, so focussing on health & fitness is going to be a bigger part of this. 

As per research more of the Covid infections were found to attract those who were obese, diabetic & had a 33% greater risk of dying than those who weren’t. This clearly gives a message that staying fit is must! & can help anyone protect themselves from infection & viruses where “exercise can become the real medicine”. We all know that working out at home is not motivating, likewise digital fitness programs available online are just not productive enough. So, in the current environment when one’s personal health is a matter of life and death in the immediate term, exercising in the gym just can’t get neglected. 


Fitness Industry is growing significantly with a growth of 40% year on year as people are getting more aware of health benefits, people want to look good & like to stay fit and most important want to build strong immune system. “If recent researches are to be believed, there are six million active fitness enthusiasts in India spending around $400 annually on fitness services; thus, skyrocketing the Indian fitness industry to a whopping $2.6 billion market size. The burgeoning awareness on health & fitness, gym culture, personalized fitness training programmes, & rise in personal disposable income has been some of the market drivers in this segment. The fitness industry is growing as consumers become more aware about their health & the benefits of exercising,” At the end of FY2019, revenues in the Indian fitness market amounted to USD 908million. Further growth in the segment, expected at a CAGR of 9.3% between 2019 and 2023, is expected to take the total market value to a whopping USD 1,296 million in 2023. The Fitness Industry remains buoyant and we will see it bounce back stronger than ever across the country.


Plus Fitness is an award winning Australian Top franchise chain that has been operating since 1996. Present on all 2 continents of the world, covering 3 countries & spread out with over 300 clubs. Plus Fitness continues to open a new gym somewhere in the world every 21 days, displaying the strength of both our brand & business model. 

40% of the Plus Fitness franchisees globally are multiple club owners. Plus Fitness is “Working Towards A Healthier India” by providing good quality service, world class equipment and facilities, 24/7 at a reasonable price with a focus on the profitability of our Franchisees.  The members faith that our brand carries is through all the years of care & service to our members. We have not allowed Covid- 19 to slow our growth in the market, we currently have a further 42 franchise territories sold across the world of which 18 have a secured property and are in the various stages of fit-out and establishment” We would also like to mentioned that we have adapted ourselves to the “New Normal” & motivated enough to more forward & serve our community. 


The pandemic will soon be over and the doors of new opportunities will welcome you all. The most successful human in the world reached their goals by grabbing the right opportunities at right time, and gym franchise could be your correct choice.

Area: 2500 – 4000 sq. ft 

Investment:  85 lakh - 1.5 Cr.

R.O.I.:  33%

Breakeven: 2.5 years

For Plus Fitness Franchise opportunity please visit Own a gym or call +91 7575067777

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Having completed his Master's in business from Australian University, Mr. Siraj Lalani is a business-oriented person with a high commitment in providing high-quality service at a reasonable price to his customers without compromising the quality of the product. Highly focussed on the franchise business model with the aim of "Working Towards A Healthier India"

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