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Nowadays people have a busy life which eventually leads to stress. It all happens between everyday work, managing relationships, social life, and so on. Stress and anxiety are everyday experiences that people may face. Many people deal with stress every day. Stress is a situation that your body faces while accomplishing a task. It is your body’s response to a challenge. Stress includes physical components such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, feared emotions, anger, etc.

It's important to understand that stress isn't the same as some mental disorders such as depression which requires proper medical treatment but it is something that can be relieved by following a few tips

Here are a few ways to relieve stress:

1. Minimize use of phone & screen time

Spending too much time in front of screens, in general, is associated with lower psychological well-being and increased stress levels in both adults and kids. People often have a habit to use phones late at night while sleeping which can indirectly affect sleep, this can lead to increased stress levels.

Also, a lot of people have a habit to check phones as soon as they open their eyes which is a very bad habit.

2. Reduce your caffeine intake

Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee, tea, and other energy drinks that stimulates your central nervous system(CNS). Consuming it in an excessive amount may worsen and increase your anxiety. It may also harm your sleep cycle. People have different thresholds for how much caffeine they can tolerate. If you feel getting jitters/anxiety about caffeine consumption, consider cutting back on caffeine and replacing it with some healthier drinks.

3. Spend time with your friends and family.

Having social support is essential in a person's life. One must have good social support from friends and family it may help one get through stressful times and cope with stress. If a person is stressed then he/she can share problems with his/her friend. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress as you might feel light and better once you share your problems.

4. Try following a healthy diet

Diet is a thing which is quite neglected by people. People who consume highly processed foods or food containing added sugar are more exposed to experience high-stress levels.

Minimizing your intake of highly processed foods and beverages and eating more rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds can help ensure that your body is highly nourished

5. Make self-care a priority

Self-care should be one top priority. A person must take out some time for themselves and practice self-care. Some easy ways to relieve stress with self-care are as follows:

● Going for a walk

● Taking a relaxed shower

● Lighting candles

● Using a diffuser with calming fragrance

● Preparing a healthy meal

● Doing your favorite task/activity

● Self-date

6. Challenge yourself

Setting up goals or challenges such as learning a new skill, or a new language, completing a task at work before time, or discovering new techniques & skill sets. These things will help you deal with stress. You will be engaged in learning something new and hence will be a bit away from your problems.It is one of the best stress relief activities that can nurture your mind.

7. Build a positive nature

There are a lot of hurdles in everyone's life. You must always look out for the positive things in it. One must be always grateful for the things that occur in life. A good activity that one can carry out is writing 3 things daily that went well, this will eventually create more positive vibes in your life.

8. Doing Workouts

Working out at a gym nearby your home or office can be a source of great stress relief. You can also exercise with workouts at any open spaces such as parks and playgrounds. But working out at a gym can help you club together other ways to relieve the stress mentioned above. For example, working out at a gym like Plus Fitness can help you develop a positive attitude, take self-care and challenge yourself thus relieving your stress to a great extent.

Above mentioned are some of the easy ways to relieve stress. It may take time to find the best stress-relief strategies, but it is important to keep experimenting and finding which one is the best for you. There are a lot of easy ways to reduce stress. Just choose one which is comfortable for you and makes you happy.

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