How Plus Fitness Is Helping More Indians Stay Fit Amid COVID-19 Crisis

How Plus Fitness Is Helping More Indians Stay Fit Amid COVID-19 Crisis

5 April 2020

Recently, Plus Fitness India has announced FREE, "Classes On Demand" at home solution on their website. The initiative is in association with the Centre's flagship fitness movement ‘Fit India’ & with an aim of "Working Towards A Healthier India"

Staying fit may seem to be difficult amid the COVID-19 crisis. After all, what can you do to be healthy and fit while staying at home? However, it looks like there are ways to give your body the right dose of exercise, even at home. With the Plus Fitness recent announcement of having FREE, "Classes On Demand" at home solution available to every individual, have help hundreds of Plus Fitness gym members & thousand of India, to help them achieve their fitness goal.

With 14 different styles to choose from we have everybody covered! This program includes program such as Boxing, Pilates, Abs workout, HIIT, Hip Hop, Step, Stretching, Circuit, Plus 30, Yoga, Body pump & many more. Classes on Demand at home are an interesting trend, what is more interesting is that such programmes could help generate interest in staying fit amid a larger population.


Siraj Lalani, Master Franchisee for Plus Fitness 24/7 India, explains, "These days more people are realising the importance of healthy life style & being fit. There has been a shift in priority when it comes to health due to the outbreak. People are managing work as well as fitness now while they are at home, If recent researches are to be believed, there are six million active fitness enthusiasts in India spending around $400 annually on fitness services; thus, skyrocketing the Indian fitness industry to a whopping $2.6 billion market size. The burgeoning awareness on health & fitness, gym culture, personalized fitness training programmes, & rise in personal disposable income has been some of the market drivers in this segment. The fitness industry is growing as consumers become more aware about their health & the benefits of exercising,”

What are you waiting for, just jump online at below link to access FREE "Classes On Demand" at home solution