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Plus Fitness is COVID-Proof – All the Employees Got Vaccinated

Plus Fitness has always been vocal about maintaining fitness and health. The pandemic that turned the whole world topsy-turvy has made it clear that life is uncertain and fragile. Hence, necessary steps should be taken on time to prevent any mishap. Plus Fitness has got all its team members vaccinated, finally becoming COVID-proof.  Plus Fitness has always cared for its members as well as franchises. Then, how could the fitness giant ignore the wellness of its employees? The employees have always been the biggest supporting pillar for Plus Fitness. And now was the time to be by their side. That's why, Plus Fitness decided to get all its employees vaccinated.  COVID-19 vaccination has finally brought a sigh of relief to the face of millions. But still, there is a lot of chaos and confusion regarding availability, expenses, effectiveness, etc. Plus Fitness, the most promising gym franchise in India, is in a privileged position; thereby, it decided to come out and help all its employees in this dire time.

Mr. Siraj Lalani, the Master Franchisee of Plus Fitness, said, "We have got each of our employees vaccinated against COVID-19. We wanted to ensure that we do not lose any of our valued team members to the clutches of this fatal pandemic.  For all of our staff, Plus Fitness has facilitated a free and safe vaccination drive. Plus Fitness has taken the responsibility of health and wellness for its employees and thereby individual Franchisees has reimbursed the total vaccination expenditure," he added. Furthermore, he also said that Plus Fitness has counseled and educated each employee regarding the significance of getting vaccinated.


Encouraging Employees Towards Inoculation

Plus Fitness does not believe in forcing its team towards inoculation. Rather the fitness Franchise came up with attractive incentives for the staff. These incentives further motivated employees to go for vaccination.  The second wave of the pandemic has made it quite clear that inoculation is the only way to prevent the devastation. Hence, Plus Fitness had taken the responsibility to safeguard its team members at any cost. A separate team has been formed to assist the employees with proper financial and medical support. In order to make the vaccination drive convenient and hassle-free, Plus Fitness gave paid sick leave to employees with signs and symptoms after vaccination and paid half-day leave on the vaccination day. For Plus Fitness, the highest priority has been the well-being and health of the colleagues.

Plus Fitness: Setting An Example By Acting Responsibly

Plus Fitness adheres to each and every guideline issued by the government. A reputed fitness brand in India, Plus Fitness has always acted responsibly, and now amidst this deadly pandemic, the fitness giant is taking all the more precautionary measures. They take extra care and have come up with exercises and workout sessions that do not require much physical contact between the client and the trainer. Plus Fitness has also educated and informed the housekeeping staff about waste management and disposal norms.

The Australia-based fitness franchise company has always been ahead of others to take a step for society and its team. This time, too, Plus Fitness has set an example for the rest of the fitness brands by getting all its employees vaccinated for free of cost. For gym membership Click HERE

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In Media Release by In House Blogger Team

Plus Fitness is COVID-Proof – All the Employees Got Vaccinated

In Media Release by In House Blogger Team

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In Media Release by In House Blogger Team

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