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Plus Fitness Distributes 10 Lac Reward Points As Diwali Gift

Diwali Greetings from Plus Fitness.

Plus Fitness wholeheartedly wishes everyone a very happy and blessed Diwali!

Plus Fitness, one of the premium brands in the fitness industry, always stays very connected with its online and offline family. On this auspicious day of Diwali, we take this moment to spread positivity into the world going through tough times. We hope and believe that this Diwali helps illuminate success, happiness, wealth, and prosperity in your houses.

Although the COVID-19 situation in the country has become far better than it was in the earlier days, we still need to be cautious of our surroundings. Plus Fitness has constantly been monitoring the external environment and has taken all the proactive steps needed to keep the gym employees and members safe and sound. We have a dedicated team who takes charge of such unfortunate situations, knocking at the door and taking corrective measures to keep people safe and sound in their surroundings.

The whole past year has taught us the importance of staying ‘Healthy’. The entire staff at Plus Fitness has always kept ‘Health’ as the number one priority. We just hope that everyone becomes more conscious of moving towards a healthier lifestyle. We have always enjoyed communicating with our members from different parts of the country. Seeing our member’s progress in terms of health goals is the biggest achievement, and we strive for these success stories now and then.

We are very pleased to inform you that Plus Fitness has been doing extremely well, and the credit goes to the efforts put in by our management team and staff and the trust shown by our members towards us. Over the years, Plus Fitness has made a huge name for itself in the fitness industry, and today it is an award-winning Australia’s top franchise chain, operating since 1996. Due to all the hard work, there are about 300 + gyms across the globe, each one of them running successfully. Plus Fitness is always trying to provide its members with a better and enhanced experienced.

Master Franchisee Siraj Lalani and the Head Office team, Rizwana Lalani, Sezmin Satani, Faiz Sopariwala, Anil Vadsaria, Rajendra Yadav, and Sushil Shinde congratulates all our members, vendors, and franchisees for having trust in us and for their constant support. In the end, we would always like to stick to our word that you are and will remain our priority at all times. We are deeply honored to have all of you showering immense love on us daily, and we appreciate your confidence in us.

On this auspicious occasion, we are giving out 10 lakh reward points to our Members as a Diwali gift in their Plus Fitness App equally distributed among all the members because we love and appreciate each one of you.

Happy Diwali!

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Plus Fitness Distributes 10 Lac Reward Points As Diwali Gift

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