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August 11th, 2021 in Nutrition by In House Blogger Team

Healthy Eating Is Not Boring

Healthy Eating Is Not Boring

The minute we hear the term 'healthy eating, the first thing that pops into our head is bland, tasteless food. Buy, right there, it is the misconception. Eating healthy is not synonymous with boring. It's all about maintaining a balance of what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it. A healthy diet doesn't automatically imply kale smoothies, boiled veggies, and a punishing no-sugar regime. There's a massive buffet of food items out there that can not only keep you fit and healthy but also be a treat to your taste buds.

Adhering to a healthy diet is not all that difficult. We often assume diets to be brutal, something that snatches away all the foods that make us happy. But it's all about incorporating a variety of good foods in your daily meal plan in a way that your body can best assimilate. So, here are some practical tips and tricks to help you get on a steady diet and stay true to it:

Get Inspired

We all have been through those phases when we're so filled with motivation. It feels like we can conquer the world. That's the feeling you usually get on the first day of your diet. But like a sugar high, that rush fades away pretty quick, right? Leaving you questioning the whole point of it all. The goal is to keep the motivation levels high regularly, and the only way to do that is to get a steady dose of inspiration. Remind yourself of all the ways that your body will benefit from eating clean. Watch motivational videos and listen to people who have helped from diets.

Follow a Meal Plan

It is always better to get a professional nutritionist to design a meal plan for you. Do not go experimenting with diets as that can harm your body. Our bodies have several needs, and randomly cutting off various items from your diet can harm your body. A nutritionist can help you plan your diet healthily, taking care of all your dietary requirements. People often think that following a meal plan is a costly affair, but the truth is, eating healthy is much cheaper than affording an unhealthy lifestyle.

Don't Push Too Hard

Remember, one step at a time. You cannot climb a tree in one try. Just like that, you cannot go cold turkey out of anywhere. When you are transitioning to new eating habits, your body needs time to adjust to the sudden changes. It's so used to digesting all the junk food you've been consuming for months that suddenly disrupting the flow will cause your body to lash out. You'll feel more deprived, and cravings will be through the roof. So, make sure to ease yourself into the process. Don't just cut yourself off, instead start cutting back slowly and incorporate healthier foods into your daily meals.

Track Your Progress

Results are your best motivators. The minute you see even the littlest progress you have made, it can inspire you to work harder. Keep track of your calorie intake as well as your weight. Set targets for yourself and strive to reach those goals. It's a great way to push yourself and get inspired at the same time.

Healthy Substitutes and Cheat Days

Mix things up a bit, now and then. Try healthier versions of your favorite foods. It might seem weird at first to make a pizza without a load of grease on it or to enjoy cupcakes without that heap of sugary icing on top. But slowly, you will get used to eating the healthy versions of the not-so-healthy foods you love to eat. It will be like tasting similar goodness without harming your metabolism.

Cheat days are ironically a key element in long-term commitments to a strict diet. Every once in a while, it's okay to take a day off. Eat the foods you like, but be careful not to go overboard. For one day, put your meal plan aside, and allow yourself some freedom. Think of it as a reward for your progress. Most importantly, make sure that cheat day doesn't turn into a cheat week, thus canceling all your progress.

Final Thoughts

There's no right time to start living a healthy lifestyle. The moment you realize what you've been doing wrong is the moment to start afresh. So, join us at Plus Fitness, and begin your journey towards an active and healthy lifestyle today!

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